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Larry Daley author-illustrator photo


FLOAT -Picture Book coming soon!

Larry is a children’s illustrator and freelance creative director in children’s media development. His illustrative and written work is mostly known for its quirky humor, playful characters, and exaggerated perspectives. Right now, his focus is on creating funny stories that blend chaos with kindness.

As an alumnus of Warner Bros. Entertainment and DC Comics, Larry supervised major comic book brands such as Batman and Superman in film, television, video games, toys, comics, licensed promotions, and children’s publishing. Larry is also a published children’s illustrator and award-winning toy designer!

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Get ready to dive into a world of imagination! We're thrilled to be collaborating with the talented author-illustrator, Larry Daley on his exciting upcoming picture book.


Stay tuned for playful characters, humor, and an exciting adventure on every page. Join us on this journey as we bring his storytelling dreams to life! 

Hardcover, 11"x9", dust jacket

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February 6th, 2024:

photo of Becky Gehrisch author


Escape to Play -Picture Book

Becky Gehrisch grew up drawing dogs and farm scenes after visiting her grandparents’ homes in the country. It’s no wonder that she went on to write and illustrate Escape to Play after earning an art degree from The Ohio State University.

Becky moved to a rural town in Ohio where she is constantly inspired by the beautiful countryside and wildlife just outside her window. You can find her getting into her own kind of shenanigans with her husband and kids as they explore the US in their RV.

When three good-hearted but mischievous dogs are left alone for the day, they wreak havoc on the farm. Before wearing themselves out, they carelessly leave more chores for the farmer! 

Escape to Play is Becky's debut picture book.


Hardcover, 9"x11", 36 pages, spot varnish on matte dust jacket ​



Order a signed copy here: 

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