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Bookling Media's business model is unique! If you would like to know more about how it works, please see below:

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How does Bookling Media’s preorder model work?

Bookling Media runs a pre-sale campaign to cover the initial costs of publication. With our model, you do not pay any up-front fees to Bookling Media to publish your book.  Bookling Media invests in the project to bring your book into the world. The costs of developing the book, printing, marketing, and logistics, are all covered by the proceeds of the pre-sale campaign.

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Will my book have an ISBN?

Absolutely! Bookling Media publishes each book under our ISBN and Library of Congress numbers just as any traditional publisher would. This is necessary to allow Bookling Media to provide distribution.


Will I have to make changes to my book?

This is your book! Bookling Media is a facilitator, here to help you realize your vision. That said, we are a publisher of high-quality children’s picture books. Any book that we publish must meet our exacting standards for quality. Our team of industry professionals collaborate with you to bring out your best work.


How do I, the author, make money?

You, the author, make money in several ways. For every book that is sold through Bookling Media’s distribution channels, you will receive a percentage of the sale.  Additionally, you may buy copies of your book from Bookling Media at the distributor price to resell via your website, school visits, special events, and retail outlets with the exception of bookstores. Because our authors retain full ownership rights to their intellectual property, you, the author is free to create and sell merchandise based on your book as well.

How does Bookling Media make money?

The proceeds from the presale reimburse Bookling Media’s initial investment and cover the cost of the team of industry professionals that help to bring the book to fruition. Once the book has been published, we use our industry relationships to market and sell your book. Like you, we earn a percentage of each sale. We succeed when you succeed.


Why can’t the author sell directly to bookstores?

There can only be one distributor of record associated with a book’s ISBN. This is to ensure that all sales and returns across the book industry are tracked and credited properly. All sales within the book industry must be purchased through Bookling Media’s distribution channels to prevent problems with returns. However, authors are permitted to sell directly to retailers outside of the book trade, such as gift shops or specialty stores.


What happens if the presale goal is not met?

If the presale campaign does not meet its goal, the book will not be published, and the project will be cancelled. Bookling Media will lose the initial investment that we have made. As such, we have a vested interest in making the presale campaign a success.

How does distribution work with this model?

Bookling Media’s distribution relationships enable us to make your book available to booksellers and libraries everywhere in the United States and Canada through their preferred suppliers, Ingram, and Baker & Taylor. In addition, your book will be available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

What book formats does Bookling Media produce?

Bookling Media currently produces off-set printed picture books only. We do not use print-on-demand.

Does Bookling Media submit books to awards?

Yes! Bookling Media will submit our titles for awards in the categories they fit such as the Caldecott, etc.

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