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What could go wrong when three mischievous dogs slip out before dawn to explore the farm? Follow the pups as they make a mess in every new place they go.


Playful poetry and whimsical illustrations evoke an upbeat feeling as you turn each page. Be sure to keep an eye out for some special paintings hanging on the farmhouse walls!


Escape to Play is a reminder to have fun by discovering the world around you. Be sure to keep an eye out for some special paintings hanging on the farmhouse walls!

Hardcover, 9"x11", 36 pages, spot varnish on matte dust jacket

To order a SIGNED copy of Escape to Play, click on the button here to be redirected to Becky Gehrisch Author Website!

Norman the mouse character

Book Trailer

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ISBN: 9781954376007


Dive in with Rosie, our young protagonist, as she finds herself in a chase to reclaim her school lunch! Rosie imagined a perfect field trip to the aquarium but finds herself bolting into action to pursue a lunch-stealing seagull through each exhibit! Don’t worry, Mr. Gilley, the kind aquarium director comforts her as she knows these amazing sea creatures need the best care.

FISH fanatics will love the many colorful creatures featured in this wild aquarium adventure on this exciting chase!

SPOT the hiding octopus, Bubbles, on every page as she tries to escape the building! This extra seek-and-find element will keep readers coming back for more.


EDUCATORS will love the learning section in the back pages, showcasing fish and what they eat! Learn about what their favorite foods are and look back in time at what a 1970's school lunch box was like.

Hardcover 9"x11” and more information coming soon!

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Book Trailer

Escape to Play is available through Ingram, Baker & Taylor, and wherever books are sold!


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