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Bookling Media Kickstarter Sign-up!

Thank you for your interest in our launch team! Please sign up today! Your presence and involvement in the launch team will be a huge factor in the success of our Kickstarter campaign. Stay tuned as we will send a link to the launch team page soon. Thank you for joining Larry Daley and Bookling Media on this journey!


Where do you come in?

As a launch team member, we will provide you with content to share on your social media platforms to support Larry and spread the word about his picture book, FLOAT

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About FLOAT:

Dive in with Rosie, our young protagonist, as she finds herself in a chase to reclaim her school lunch! Rosie imagined a perfect field trip to the aquarium but finds herself bolting into action to pursue a lunch-stealing seagull through each exhibit! Don’t worry, Mr. Gilley, the kind aquarium director comforts her as she knows these amazing sea creatures need the best care.

Instructions to join the Launch Team: Simply fill out the form below and you're all set!


For more information about Kickstarter and what our Launch Team will mean for you, scroll below the sign-up form.

Sign Up Below:

We are excited to have you on board!

What is a Bookling Media Kickstarter Launch Team?: 

In February 2024, Bookling Media will begin a picture book production preorder campaign! Whew, that's a mouthful. What does this mean? It means we will use Kickstarter, an online campaign platform, to take preorders for our upcoming picture book! You can learn more about Kickstarter here


In addition to the marketing efforts by Bookling Media, you as a team member will have access to weekly announcements that you can easily share on your social media platforms with corresponding images. Some other ways you can share are by emailing, texting, and by word-of-mouth, if you'd like. It will only take a small amount of your time, but your support will make a huge impact! 

Ideally, if you and your contacts can be the first backers, we can plan to reach our goal on day one! Yes! This has been done before and can bolster our reach through Kickstarter to be listed as their “Projects We Love!”


With your help, we can let others know to preorder on Kickstarter. Reaching our Kickstarter goal will guarantee that FLOAT will be published!

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